Buying Handmade, Sustainable, Small-Business Lingerie

Buying Handmade, Sustainable, Small-Business Lingerie | Angie's showroom

What does it mean to buy handmade, sustainable, small-business lingerie? Short answer: A LOT! Small businesses like Angie’s Showroom are operated and owned by real people. These real people can be your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, and anyone and everyone in between. People like Angie!

When you buy lingerie from our showroom, you are supporting our small, women-owned business, and you can also rest easy knowing you are supporting your environment. For instance, our boutique has a much smaller carbon footprint than larger lingerie companies who mass produce their sets and collections. In contrast, each set is hand made upon order, customized to the request of the client, and then individually shipped with love and care to the lucky recipient. We prioritize designing, creating, and packaging each individual order over mass-producing our handmade sets for the public. We put both YOU and the environment first!

In addition, our handmade sets feature 100% silk, satins, and French or Italian laces. These products are then used to meticulously handcraft our beautiful, unique, customizable, and comfortable lingerie sets. Our guarantee to you is a comfortable, beautiful, sustainable lingerie set, and we invest in quality materials to ensure this.

Further, our carefully handcrafted garments are made to last! Enjoy each set for years to come, and feel good about investing in the future of your wardrobe with Angie’s Showroom.

Want to learn more about our guarantee of sustainable, handmade, high-quality lingerie from our small business? Read more here!


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