How to care for your lingerie

How Should You Care For Your Lingerie?

  1. Washing

Bras are one of your most intimate possessions and they need your love and care. Avoid washing your delicate garments with high heat, and use only mild detergent. The lingerie collections we have, consist of fine threads and laces that will be ruined without special attention and care. We at Angie’s Showroom recommend that you hand wash your lingerie with care. This will maintain proper fitment and

For underwear, we recommend a gentle machine wash. Angie’s Showroom highly recommends that you opt for a clear detergent, as colored ones may leave your lingerie stained or faded.

  1. Drying

Since the lingerie is delicate, it should be treated with a gentle, light touch; The drying part is no different. We recommend that you place the lingerie flat on a drying rack to dry. Do not place the lingerie under direct sunlight as it will cause fading. Avoid using dryers, as they will destroy the delicate thread and/or lace.

  1. Storage

If you want your lingerie to last as long as possible, make sure you store it properly. Do not fold your bras or turn the cups of the bras inside-out. The strain caused by this can decrease the lifespan of your lingerie forever.


Make sure you wash your bra after every 2 to 3 days of wear, as it will allow your bra to breathe. This is important as it retains the elasticity of the bra, as well as your comfort.