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About us


Angie’s showroom is your one-stop destination for all your lingerie needs. Whether you are looking for sensual swimsuits or exquisite lingerie—we have it all in our online store. Angie’s showroom imports all its exclusively designed and handmade designer swimsuits and lingerie from Russia, Kazakhstan, and other countries.

We import exquisite and delicate lingerie that are often handmade with quality and care in mind. Our aim is to provide our customers with comfort and confidence. The collections we have consist of beautifully tailored and customized lingerie that is made to order specifically for each customer. Lingerie is one of the most basic and important parts of your wardrobe, and we make sure that our products not only thrill you, but that they also make you feel beautiful, attractive, and comfortable.

We have an array of undergarments that will suit your wants and needs, no matter what. There are just so many styles, colors, patterns, and shapes available—the options are limitless.

What makes our lingerie unique is that we have something for everyone. No matter what physique you are, we’ve got something perfect for you.

The lingerie we offer is made up of high-quality silk selected to match with the finest lace from France and Italy. Our lingerie is rather pleasing to see, much less wear. One look at any of our lingerie and you are or anyone else that may see it will be entranced. Each lingerie reflects lightness, softness, elegance, and a glow.

We have a passion for elegant lingerie, and that is why we import them from the finest lingerie exporters in Russia and Kazakhstan. Our collection demonstrates our passion for fine lingerie. They are tailored exactly to fit you properly.

Angies_showroomAll our lingerie is seductive and youthful. It gives you the one thing you desire the most—independence! Our collection contains all the key elements—functionality, fit, form, fashion, and seductiveness. What better can you ask for? Our aim is to bring forward the best quality products for our customers at an amazing price.

The showroom is owned by Angelina Mahany who has had a boundless love for luxury products. Her dream since childhood was to open a store and help the customers all around the world buy luxury products, all in one store, at reasonable prices. She has lived in Russia, France, Cyprus, and finally decided to settle in the United States, where she saw an opportunity to open up a store. Finally, her dream came true with the opening of Angie’s Showroom.

Looking for custom made and handmade lingerie in the United States? Why don’t you browse our website and fill up your cart with amazing products? One thing we can assure you of is, that you won’t leave empty-handed, and yes! We are sure of the fact that our products will make you smile! Doubt us? Check the mirror yourself!

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