Sustainable fabric initiative

As you may know, every year we have been working towards more sustainable options for our customers. We always sourced our fabric with ethical aspects in mind. But this year we worked hard and we proudly showcase our commitment to sustainability by starting the use of LENZING™ Viscose fabric. 

As an environmentally conscious business, we prioritize working with suppliers who share our values. We finally found suppliers who met our requirements for fabric and who is certified with LENZING. As a result, we launched new products in 2023 that are made of this fabric. Next year we plan to increase our product line and add more eco-materials.

LENZING™ Viscose

LENZING™ Viscose is the first generation of wood-based cellulosic fibers and has a history of 80 years. This experience enables Lenzing to produce fibers that set the industrial standards for quality and environmentally sustainable production. In addition to it LENZING™ Viscose fibers are an ideal blending partner for all major fibers.

    About Lenzing Certification: At Angies Showroom, we are proud to start utilizing LENZING™ Viscose on some of our products, a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric. Lenzing is a renowned industry leader in sustainable fiber production, and its certification ensures that our textiles meet the highest environmental standards.

    LENZING™ Viscose is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with products that not only meet their style and comfort expectations but also contribute to a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. This fabric is known for its softness, durability, and minimal environmental impact, making it a top choice for our eco-conscious clientele.

    By partnering with suppliers, who share our dedication to sustainable practices, we can continue to offer high-quality products that align with our values. We believe in transparency and accountability, and Lenzing certification reflects our ongoing efforts to make responsible choices in the materials we use and the partners we collaborate with. 

    Supplier Information:

    • Shenzhen Huahan Textiles Co., Ltd.
    • Telephone: +86 13823319876

    We continue designing our products in Florida, and we continue supporting Ukraine and making our handmade products there.

    Thank you for supporting our commitment to sustainability. Feel free to explore our range of products made with LENZING™ Viscose fabric, and join us on our journey towards a more environmentally friendly future.

    Kimono Viscose Long Robe in Black with pockets
    Kimono Viscose Long Robe in Teal with pockets

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