Sustainability and woman's owned business

Our Sustainability Pledge:

Angie’s Showroom lingerie bridges the gap between your sexy, sultry pieces and your everyday sets with stunning ensembles exquisitely designed and handcrafted just for you. And it doesn’t just stop with our beautifully unique designs – yes, these break the mold and feel incredible against your skin, but you can also feel good about supporting a small, women-owned, socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable business with every purchase. 

Many people wonder, “Why should we support small businesses?” The answer is straightforward: local businesses are operated and owned by your friends and neighbors. These individuals truly care about the well-being of you AND your community, and by shopping local you are also supporting your local economy.

However, supporting small businesses is not just good for the local economy, but it is also good for the environment. Local businesses often have a much smaller carbon footprint than larger companies, and they prioritize designing, creating, and packaging each individual order, rather than mass-producing items for the public.

It’s time to put yourself and the environment first. Our exquisitely designs feature 100% silk, satins, and French or Italian laces that are meticulously handcrafted into beautiful, customizable, and comfortable ensembles.

Our Guarantee To You:

Each of our designs are ethically manufactured in Europe. Individual sets are created by hand in our private atelier. That means absolutely no outsourcing to overseas factories, no sweatshop conditions, no child labor, and no unlivable wages – EVER. We guarantee it. We are proud to manufacture in-house, and we are committed to using recycled and recyclable packaging where possible.

In addition, our timeless garments last well beyond just one season, allowing our customers to enjoy their Angie’s Showroom sets for years to come, putting an end to the vicious fast-fashion cycle. Our sets are made to last, and you can feel GOOD about investing in the future of your lingerie wardrobe with Angie’s Showroom.

Support Small, Women-Owned Businesses:

Angie’s Showroom is not only a small business, but we are also women-owned. Deciding to shop at a women-owned local business means you are investing in women’s economic empowerment all over the world. It also makes you an advocate for gender parity in commerce, an incredibly relevant and critical issue. When you take the time to shop at Angie’s Showroom, or any women-owned small business, you contribute to building a network for female business owners and provide support that is challenging to come by.

So, the next time you are thinking about shopping, look into locally-owned, small, women-owned, SUSTAINABLE businesses, and support the business owners working hard to share their ethical products and passions with the world!

In 2023 we also started to participate in Ecodrive initiative. We plant a tree with every purchase. We want to keep our planet green and help as much as we can.

Please read about our Chemical Management Restricted Substance List (RSL) Compliance Policy.

Contact the team at Angie’s Showroom if you have any questions or would like to know more about how you can support small, women-owned, sustainable and ethical businesses!