Every Kimono Robe Tells a Story

Every Kimono Robe Tells a Story
At Angie's Showroom, nothing warms our hearts more than knowing that our designs are being loved and treasured. Maybe it’s our luxurious silk kimono robes that you bought for a special occasion, that now always reminds you of that day even when you’re just wearing it to drink your morning coffee. Or maybe you turn to one of our new arrivals - viscose kimono robes in 2 colors Ocean Teal and Black Iris.

Exceptional Comfort: Designed for universal appeal, our one-size kimono robe ensures a comfortable and stylish fit. Provides ultimate comfort while being incredibly lightweight, making it perfect for all-year-round use.

Premium Quality: Experience pure comfort and style with: softness, durability and touch. Viscose kimono robes are handcrafted with care and perfect for all-year-round use or as part of Bridal Collection.

❤ 100% viscose soft fabric

❤ Perfect as a gift

❤ Carefully handcrafted

Elegance Unveiled: Dive into the world of premium-quality relaxation with a touch of elegance, supporting a small women-owned business that plants a tree with each purchase.

❤ Adjustable tie waist

❤ Long kimono sleeves

❤ Full length with open front

Artisan Craftsmanship: Experience the exceptional quality of viscose ultra soft fabric, carefully handcrafted for a truly sumptuous feel. Perfect as part of the Bridal Collection, bringing an air of sophistication to your special day, or as an ideal choice for staying cozy and stylish at home.

Elegant Presentation: Matching headband is included as a comliment from us to fulfill the look. Our kimono arrives in a beautifully designed gift box, making it a perfect gift or a personal indulgence. 

Expressing Yourself Through Your Kimono Style.
Whether you love to wear your kimono style at home, over lingerie or as a bathrobe, or you choose to drape your viscose kimono robe for a bridal photoshoot, your kimono style is a wonderful way to express yourself.

This year, we have seen and celebrated how you’ve stepped more fully into who you are and simultaneously made space for others to do the same. This is a beautiful way to weave your story into your own new eco kimono robe: let it be an expression of your truest, most authentic, most confident self. 

Find all our new kimono robes here.

See you on the next one!



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