How to care for your favorite silk pieces?

How to care for your favorite silk pieces?

In our last article we told you we’re silk experts and we gave you some recommendations to pick your new favorite. After seeing the amazing results we decided to help you out on how to take care of your new pieces. Silk is a really delicate fabric, so it’s not that easy to wash. All of our lingerie sets are handmade and made out of luxury silk, so you want them to last forever (and we have some advice).


Because of how delicate it is, silk is not recommended to be washed or dried in your machine. Hand washing is the #1 tip, with neutral soap, and soft movements. It’s also important to do it piece by piece, because there’s a high risk of dye bleeding. Also, if you want to clean a corset, always ask the maker before submerging in water, we encourage you to take it for professional cleaners. If your lingerie has a stain, give as much information as possible to the cleaner in order to avoid any possible damage.

If you still prefer machine washing, which we don’t recommend, put your pieces into a laundry bag, with similar colors, and a delicate-clothes soap and softener and dry it with the sun outside. As mentioned before, because silk is a natural fiber, there’s a high risk of bleeding, so if you notice that a silk piece is leaking pigment when it hits the water, don’t worry! That’s normal. 

Always wash your silk garments with cold water. If you wash them with hot water you will cause permanent damage to the clothes, the colors can fade or lose their shiny effect. Use delicate detergents, gentle soap is always the best option. 


When drying your silk do not squeeze or wring it. Remove the excess of water with a towel and then leave them there until they are dried. Exposing them to the sun for long periods of time can also damage the natural properties of silk. 

I think you are ready to buy a new silk lingerie set and be sure that it will last for a long time. Have you seen our newest arrival Allure? Italian satin silk and mesh to shine like gold. 



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