How to Order your Lingerie

How to Order your Lingerie | Angie's showroom

So, you’ve decided to order a handmade lingerie set or piece from our boutique.

First, we just want to say welcome, and thank you for your support of our small business! We appreciate each and every one of you. Whether you are ordering a silk pajama set, a white lace corset, or anything in between, we cannot wait to assist you.

In order to make the order process as quick, easy, and contactless as possible for your health and safety, we take all of our orders online, be it through our website, via email, or in our Instagram DMs.

Accepting online orders is highly convenient for both our team AND our customers. Instead of spending time driving to a store or calling the boutique on the phone, our clients save time by easily placing orders online. It’s a winning combination for our team and our wonderful customers!

Not only is ordering online more convenient for our team and our customers, but it also reduces communication errors and allows customers to pay by card for delivery orders. Online orders take away the worry, stress, and time of dealing with communication errors such as an address being noted incorrectly or a set not making it on the order from an order taken over the phone. By taking orders online, communication errors are confidently a challenge of the past! Additionally, you never have to go through the frustration of getting to the store in-person and realizing you don’t have cash in your wallet. Ordering online is cashless and allows you to pay by card directly when you order, rather than in-person or on delivery.

Ordering via our Website

Ordering our customized lingerie through our website,, is one of our easiest methods. Here, you can easily browse through all of our available handmade bras, high end underwear, and other pieces and sets, select your favorite, and customize with size and color before ordering. From there, you may enter your shipping and payment information, and then you are good to go! Our website includes lots of incredible resources to assist you during your lingerie buying experience, such as our official size guide, our FAQ page, information about custom- and pre-orders, and more. We encourage you to check all of this out when purchasing from our boutique!

Ordering via Email

If you are unsure about sizing, color, or just want a recommendation for your handmade lingerie, we encourage you to reach out to our team via email. Send us an email to with your questions or desired options, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you wish to place your order directly through email, our team will send you an invoice and a tracking number once the order has shipped. Please note that shipping time may vary depending on location :)

Ordering via Instagram DMs

Let’s set the scene…you follow the boutique on Instagram (@angies.showroom) and have fallen in love with one of the luxury lace lingerie sets we posted this week. We certainly don’t blame you! Send us a DM and let us know your size, preferred color, the name of the set, and finally your email address. We will send you an invoice so that you may pay for your order and tracking information once we have it! Additionally, if you prefer, we can redirect you to our website where you may order and pay directly through there.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best shopping experience. For this reason, we guarantee the highest quality service every step of the way! We have many lingerie sets available and multiple ways to order them, so do not hesitate to contact our team and place your order today. We look forward to connecting with you!


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