How to wash your delicate lingerie?

How to wash your delicate lingerie?

A very common question from our followers is how to take care and wash their lace and silk lingerie. The answer is hand wash, and even though it sounds like something impossible, we have easy steps and advice for you to try at home. Once you get used to, you will do it super fast and your delicates will last longer and look like new. For lingerie and delicate fabrics like satin silk, the machine is the worst scenario. With the heat from dryer, the excessive agitation, and the amount of soap your lingerie will suffer. 


Let's start with this short guide for you to do it at home. 


1. You will need cool soapy water to submerge your lingerie. We highly recommend a special soap for delicate fabrics.

Submerge lingerie in cool soapy water


2. Delicately swish around. Be super gentle with scrubbing. 

Swish around delicately

3. Remove from the water and roll it into a dry towel. Press firmly to remove water excess. 

Use a dry towel to remove water excess

4. Hang to dry or use a second dry towel to and lay flat until dries.

Flat lay in a second dry towel to dry


You may have recognized this undie... It's Ornella 3D Blue Flowers

Some other tips we want to let you know to take care of your handmade silk and lace products. 

- For robes and pajamas we recommend dry cleaning by professionals. 

- Silk can loose a little of luster with hand washing, nothing is bad with the material but it won't look that shiny over time. You can avoid this by dry washing. 

Hope this helps you feel more confident when washing but also when shopping for delicate lingerie. It's super easy, you can do it before bath time and the results are great.

See you on the next one!




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