Let’s Find Your Size!

Let’s Find Your Size! | Angie's showroom

If you are anything like us, quarantine has consisted of lots of online shopping. Now, although being able to shop from the comfort of your own home is undoubtedly convenient, it leaves much room for doubt. Not being able to try something on directly, you may find yourself wondering “What size am I?” and “Will this fit?”

It does not help that sizing for women typically varies depending on the brand, manufacturer, and more. Thus, a simple “usual” size might not always work.

This is why using your exact body measurements in order to determine the correct size you should purchase is so much more accurate and preferable! Buying high-quality lingerie can be an intimate, daunting process, but the team at Angie’s Showroom is here to make it easier for you. We have created this simply guide to help you find your perfect size.

On our website, you will find an extensive size conversion chart. Please refer to this chart for exact numbers.

Step 1: find a measurement device

The easiest way to measure yourself is by using a tape measure, specifically a flexible, soft one. If you do not have one of these on hand, don’t worry! You can also get creative and use a string or ribbon to find your measurement, and then you can use a ruler or hard tape measure to find your size by comparing it. As you measure yourself, be sure to hold the soft tape measure, string, or ribbon completely horizontally and taut against your body. Make sure that the measuring device is parallel to the floor and that you are not allowing it to dip down on your back or on your side. When finding your size, make sure that you are not pulling the string or soft measuring tape too tightly against you; a snug fit will do. If you fall between sizes, contact our team to determine whether you should size up or down based on how you would like the garment to fit.

Step 2: convert your size

Our online size conversion chart has options in both centimeters (cm) and inches (in) for your convenience, as well as different sizing conversions by country or region (ex. UK, US, and Europe) and even typical band or cup sizes. Through this, our team ensures that you will be able to find your size with us. For instance, if you have measured your hips in inches and have concluded that you are a 37, you can easily see that this measurement coincides with size S, or 4-6 in panties. Our available sizes for our high-end panties range from 0-2 (XS) to 16-18 (XL). Similarly, our available luxury bra band sizes range from 30-44 (US and UK) and 65-100 (Europe). Our band/cup sizes available are from XS (32A/sister size 30B or 34AA) through XL (38DD/sister size 36F or 40D).

Step 3: place your order!

Did you know that at Angie’s Showroom you can also design your own lingerie? Meaning that you can pick the color, size, lace for certain styles by yourself. If you would like to place a custom order, please see our custom order instructions online. If you have found your size and have confirmed that it is available in the set you want, you may also order directly from our boutique. If you have your heart set on an ensemble that is not available yet but you have seen on our social media, don’t hesitate to pre-order it. Always remember that our team is here to support you through the entire process. Whether you have questions or concerns, our team is committed to making your shopping experience the best that it can possibly be.


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