Thanksgiving 2021 Bestselling Items

Thanksgiving 2021 Bestselling Items | Angie's showroom


We are thankful for all of our wonderful customers! We have truly enjoyed serving you this year and are grateful for your loyalty. We hope you had a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving! 

To show how thankful we are, our team has put together this list of our bestselling items this holiday season. In other words, these sets are the sets YOU love best, according to our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!

Our first bestselling item is the Goddess Gold Lingerie Set. This ensemble comes with a matching bra and bikini-style panty and is commonly on the top of our charts! The set breaks the mold with its beautiful lace and silk blend, pop of color, and comfort and beauty all-around. This set is also available in Chocolate, Fuchsia, and Emerald and can be fully customized according to your preferences and dimensions. A matching Goddess Garter Belt is also available for purchase separate to each set.

Our second bestselling item is the Rumor Lingerie Set. This ensemble is a true work or art and features exquisite lace, a checkered mesh pattern, and a matching bra and panty. This is one of our newer arrivals and has completely blown our expectations out of the water at each turn. Its turquoise gradient color and stunning lace make this ensemble truly unique. Similar to the Goddess Lingerie Set, a matching Rumor Garter Belt (pictured below) may also be purchased separately.

Our third bestselling item this holiday season is the Bando Grey Lingerie Set. This beautiful ensemble includes a bando grey mesh bra and a matching grey panty. According to our client reviews, this set is perfect for everyday life, is comfortable, and is perfect for both maternity and casual wear. This set is also available in Black.

No matter what set you choose, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. As we head into the next holiday season, we hope you will keep these sets in mind, as well as keep an eye out for all of our new arrivals! Be sure to sign up for our emails via our website for a special first-time-customer discount and occasional updates. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions! Feel free to contact us via Instagram or through our website directly via our Contact Us page.


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