Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide | Angie's showroom

This Valentine’s Day, give yourself (or someone else you love) the gift of exquisite, handmade lingerie from Angie’s Showroom! There is nothing better than a new matching bra and panty, garter belt, accessory, robe, or anything in between.

To make things easier for you, our team at Angie’s Showroom has put together the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for you, showcasing our best-selling red and pink customizable lingerie sets!

First, it is our privilege to present to you our Privilege Red Silk Lingerie Set and Privilege Bordeaux Silk Lingerie Set. Our Privilege Set collection promises nothing short of excellence. Don’t let the simple design fool you! This incredible ensemble is intricately handcrafted using the finest silk Europe provides for YOUR ultimate comfort. It is available in many colors, including Red and Bordeaux, and can be paired with a matching garter belt (must be purchased separately). 

Next up is our unique Naomi Silk Red Lingerie Set. Handcrafted with fine European silk and blended with elastic to mold to your perfectly unique shape, this ensemble features simplicity and beautify without sacrificing neither comfort nor seduction. You can really have it all with this set! This matching bra and panty set is perfect for a romantic night, but can also be worn under normal, casual or business clothing for daily life. 

Next, and not to be forgotten, is our special Shayk Red Silk Lingerie Set. This gorgeous, sexy ensemble is available in red – perfect for Valentine’s Day! The bra and panty are entirely adjustable with beautiful, delicate bows on either side and will truly become a staple in your closet once you try it on. Enjoy this set on a romantic night with someone special!

Last, but certainly not least, comes our fantastic Claire Lingerie Set in Red. This gorgeous, handmade lingerie set truly breaks the mold. It is jaw-dropping with every stitch! Enjoy fully adjustable straps for your utmost comfort, and revel in the unique beauty of this silk and lace set.

No matter what set you choose, we certainly believe there is no way to go wrong with Angie’s Showroom! Keep in mind that now is the time to order if you want to guarantee delivery before Valentine’s Day. So, get to thinking about how you want to surprise yourself or a special someone with the stunning beauty that follows putting on a lingerie set from Angie’s Showroom!


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