What to Consider When Making a Lingerie Purchase

What to Consider When Making a Lingerie Purchase | Angie's showroom


Think about the fabric.

Look for high-quality fabrics. Luckily, at Angie’s Showroom, we only use the most luxurious materials we can find. All of our sets are crafted from exquisite laces and silks, and each piece features special embellishments and unique designs that make them each one-of-a-kind. We also consider your comfort in each of our designs, and for that reason, each set is completely customizable. Our handmade showroom considers each detail, and we will adjust our sets to your specifications as much as we can for your satisfaction. No matter which piece you go for, you will feel fantastic every time you wear it.


Double-check your size

Depending on the brand, our premium lingerie can vary in size. Make sure to always check the sizing chart to confirm your size before buying it.

Washing Instructions

Look at wash info

We deal primarily with luxury, handmade lingerie sets, and for that reason, it is best to hand-wash them, as well! We recommend hand-washing each piece with like colors using a mild detergent and lukewarm, soapy water. Our sets are designed with the finest materials available and can be ruined without special TLC. Check out our blog article, “Caring for Your New Lingerie: A How-To Guide” for more specific instructions on how to care for your new sets and handmade pieces!

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