Chemical Management

Angies Showroom LLC Restricted Substance List (RSL) Compliance Policy

  1. Purpose

At Angies Showroom LLC (hereafter referred to “Angies Showroom”), we are committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the highest standards of safety, environmental responsibility, and ethical production. This policy outlines our commitment to compliance with the Restricted Substance List (RSL) provided by the AFIRM Group, as well as other applicable regulations related to the use of materials in our products.

  1. Scope

This policy applies to all employees, suppliers, contractors, and any other parties involved in the production and supply chain processes at Angies Showroom.

  1. Compliance with AFIRM Group RSL

Angies Showroom recognizes and adheres to the standards set forth by the AFIRM Group Restricted Substance List. Our products will be free from substances that are prohibited or restricted by AFIRM to ensure the safety of our consumers, employees, and the environment.

  1. Supplier Engagement

We expect our suppliers to comply with the AFIRM Group RSL and all relevant regulations. Suppliers must provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding the composition of materials used in our products. Regular communication and collaboration with suppliers are essential to ensure ongoing compliance.

  1. Material Selection

Angies Showroom is committed to choosing materials that align with the AFIRM Group RSL and other relevant industry standards. Our product development process includes careful consideration of material choices to minimize the use of restricted substances.

  1. Testing and Monitoring

We conduct regular testing of materials and finished products to verify compliance with the AFIRM Group RSL. Continuous monitoring and evaluation of our supply chain processes are integral to maintaining compliance and ensuring the highest product safety standards.

  1. Employee Training

All employees involved in the procurement, production, and quality control processes receive training on the AFIRM Group RSL and related compliance requirements. This training ensures that our team is knowledgeable and capable of upholding our commitment to restricted substance-free products.

  1. Continuous Improvement

Angies Showroom is dedicated to continuous improvement in our materials and processes to further minimize the use of restricted substances. We actively seek alternatives and innovations that align with our commitment to environmental sustainability and safety.

  1. Communication and Transparency

We believe in transparent communication regarding our materials, processes, and compliance efforts. Customers, employees, and owners will be kept informed about our commitment to the AFIRM Group RSL and our progress in achieving and maintaining compliance.

  1. Non-Compliance Consequences

Failure to comply with this policy may result in corrective actions, including termination of contracts with suppliers or disciplinary actions against employees, depending on the nature and severity of the non-compliance.

  1. Conclusion

This Compliance Policy reflects Angies Showroom’s dedication to producing safe, ethical, and environmentally responsible products. We are committed to upholding the standards outlined in the AFIRM Group RSL and other relevant regulations, working collaboratively with our suppliers, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement in our materials and processes.