Manufacturing code of conduct

Angies Showroom is dedicated to enhancing working conditions in our own atelier, promoting ethical labor standards, and influencing suppliers positively. Aligned with the International Labor Organization and key labor standards organizations, our commitment includes excellence, ethical conduct, and respect for individuals and the environment.

Angies Showroom is committed to:

1. Excellence:

- Upholding a standard of excellence in every facet of our business.

2. Ethical Conduct:

- Ensuring ethical and responsible conduct in all our operations.

3. Respect:

- Respecting the rights of all individuals and the environment.

These commitments extend to our manufacturing partners and suppliers, expecting adherence to the following standards:

1. Child Labor:

- No use of child labor, in compliance with local laws.

2. Involuntary Labor:

- No use of forced or involuntary labor, including prison, bonded, or indentured labor.

3. Coercion and Harassment:

- Treating every employee with dignity and respect, prohibiting corporal punishment, threats, or any form of harassment.

4. Nondiscrimination:

- No discrimination in hiring, employment practices, or benefits based on various factors.

5. Association:

- Respecting employees' rights to associate, organize, and bargain collectively without interference.

6. Health and Safety:

- Providing a safe and healthy workplace, compliant with all laws and regulations, extending to employee housing.

7. Compensation:

- Compliance with wage and hour laws, providing fair compensation and legally mandated benefits.

8. Protection of the Environment:

- Adherence to all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

9. Other Laws:

- Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to manufacturing, pricing, and distribution.

10. Subcontracting:

- No use of subcontractors who do not comply with this Code of Conduct.

11. Monitoring and Compliance:

- Authorization for Angies Showroom to conduct monitoring activities to confirm compliance, including inspections and interviews.

12. Publication:

- Communication of this Code of Conduct to employees through prominent posting in the local language.

Angies Showroom, including our production operation, is committed to ethical business practices and continuous improvement, ensuring a responsible and sustainable approach to manufacturing.