1920 inspired nightwear new collection

1920 inspired nightwear new collection

Hi girls!

It's been a while since the last time I wrote here. 2023 is being intense so far. We added +20 new arrivals and I wanted to show you the new nightwear collection, inspired in the 20s. 100% silk, shiny fabrics, super long sleeves, and this glamorous look for loungewear mused me to design these new items. 


Kimono Robes

Kimono Robes Inspiration


I can really say that I'm a kimono fan. We truly count on lots of styles inspired by this vintage trend. We already had some kimonos, but this year we added three favorites that I want to show you. 

Elissa Kimono Golden Long Robe

Elissa is one of my favorites so far. The sleeves are super long and it has a splitted side, a great option for a sexy night at home. It is available in +10 color shades, but khaki golden is my top selection. 

Aster black kimono long robe with feathers in cuffs

Aster Kimono Long Robe may sound familiar to you. We already had two versions of this robe, but made out of a shiny fabric. This one is satin silk and it's also available in lots of colors. My favorites this season are black and emerald. The feathers are very 20s, and it looks amazing with a black dress if you leave it open for a night out or formal dinner. Trust me, this is a great choice!

Last, take a look at Flames Kimono Long Robe. These are sleeves, right? I picked the red option because it can be easily matched with the also new Desire Slip Dress and get a total look of a lifetime. Thoughts?

Flames Long Kimono Robe in Red


Shiny Glam Combinations

I literally thought about this photo when I designed Serena Long Robe. Matching the shiny golden fabric with khaki silk. It shouts elegance and it keeps comfort. The name comes from Serena Van der Woodsen honestly, I'm still a Gossip Girl fan, and it reminds me of New York glam. 

Serena Long Shiny Kimono Robe

Velour: soft and elegant

I wanted to add more items with velour to my collection. I took my inspiration from here:

Velour Inspiration

I designed something with a modern twist, and created the Phoenix Pajama Set, that features a velour relaxed fit long pants and a microfibre bra. They are the most comfortable PJs in my whole website. The pant comes in 6 color shades. 

Phoenix PJS

Luxe details in your nightwear

Luxe details in your nightwear

Details like this were common during the Hollywood golden era. And that's my inspiration for Olivia, which is a new version of our Silky Pajamas with feathers

Olivia is special, because the color combination is beautiful. Black with light blue feathers both in cuffs and pants. Enjoy exquisite comfort with this skinny stretch style. You won't feel guilty for staying all day long in your pajamas. All of our styles that include feathers need to be washed by hand with cold water. 

Olivia Pajama Suit with feathers

It's too much for just one day right? 

Please remember our nightwear collection is consciously made, so it takes 3-4 weeks to ship. 


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