How to organize your lingerie for the whole week

How to organize your lingerie for the whole week

At Angie's Showroom we are always trying to help our customers find the perfect lingerie and nightwear. I keep receiving questions asking for some advice on what lingerie set to buy for week days or weekends. That's why I decided to create a Monday to Sunday lingerie guide for you! This can also be a great idea to gift lingerie in Mother's Day and to organize your lingerie. 



For Mondays the best idea is to wear lingerie that feels like a pajama. It needs to be comfortable to start the week in a good mood. I picked Velvet, because they don't have wire, they are super soft to your skin, and they look amazing! 

Velvet Lingerie Set



Once I read an article that said that Tuesdays are the worst day of the week regarding people's mood. I couldn't agree more. It feels like the week has definitely started and that we still have to go through it entirely to rest on the weekend again. Best lingerie in my store for Tuesdays is Privilege, because we have many color options, is a timeless classic, and you won't need to think about it. BTW, have you seen our new Olive color?

Privilege Olive



I'm typically in a good mood on Wednesdays, mid-week after office feels so good! I have a shot of great energy, I feel motivated. Rimma is my pick. I love the colors, the embroidery, and how it fits. 

Rimma lingerie set



You can start to feel the weekend ahead, but you are super tired after a long work week. This one's hard... I will go with Lissbon, it's feminine, comfortable, and I feel like looking yourself in the mirror with this lingerie will motivate you to keep going.

Lissbon Lingerie Set



You still need to go to work, but you can feel relaxed. Last day of the week, you can start planning your whole weekend and maybe go out for dinner with bae. Sandra is my Friday favorite.

Sandra Lingerie Set



My favorite day of all times. The best excuse to wear the most sexy lingerie from your wardrobe. Of course, Saturday is for Morena

Morena Lingerie Set



Honestly, I do not like to wear lingerie on Sundays. This is the day that, if I can, I like to stay at home, very comfy, sleep a nap, be with my kids... For this day, I will rather pick a PJ Set that matches the criteria! Summer Cotton PJ is my new Sunday love.

Summer Cotton Pajama Set


What are your thoughts about this selection? 



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