2021 Lingerie Trends: #TRENDING

2021 Lingerie Trends: #TRENDING | Angie's showroom

For some, lingerie is an every-once-in-a-while, special occasion piece, typically hidden away towards the back of their underwear drawer. However, for others, it is a carefully curated investment to be used on a regular basis. No matter how often you wear it, there is no way around it; lingerie should be treated just like any other item in your closet or on your wishlist.

Likewise, just like they would with any other fashion item, lingerie trends come and go within the fashion market like the ebb and flow of the ocean on a hot summer day. Lucky for you, we are here to bring you the hottest trends in custom lingerie this year.

Peekaboo Bottoms

Because everybody loves the element of playful, sultry surprise, right? Peekaboo is among the most provocative style. This unique design typically features a panty with an opening in the crotch or buttocks area and flaunts tiny pops of skin in the best way possible.

Interested in viewing this style? Check out our newest arrival, our Soul Mesh Red Lingerie Set ($115), available for pre-order via email now! This handmade bra offers unmatched support, and the matching thong makes sure that sex appeal is not left out of the equation. With this set, you certainly can have it all!

Soul Mesh red lingerie setSoul Mesh lingerie set in redSoul Mesh lingerie in red

Garter Belts

Also known as a suspender belt, a garter is designed to keep your stockings in place and prevent them from slipping. Despite their practical use, a garter belt also creates the most alluring silhouette and gives a most tantalizing look to your set.

Looking for sets that go well with matching garters? Take a look at our irresistible Stormy Black Lingerie Set ($135). Pictured below, this perfect, everyday bra matches with our exquisite, adjustable panty. Matching black lace garter beltmust be purchased separately (send us an email request).

Stormy Lingerie set in black

See-through Mesh

See-though clothing can be thought of as any garment made with lace, mesh, or sheet fabric that allows the wearer’s body to be seen through its fabric. With premium lingerie, this design is often produced to create a beautiful, vulnerable effect. This design leaves it all on the table…and the set typically joins it there!

See for yourself! Check out our exquisite Dots Mesh Black Lingerie Set ($125). This casual ensemble is what every girl deserves to see in her wardrobe. It screams comfort and relaxation, but don’t be fooled; this set serves seductive looks with ease!

Do these fantastic ensembles have you ready to take the leap and purchase some high end lingerie? Look no further than Angie’s Showroom. Like our custom, handmade bras, our team is here to support you through the entire process.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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