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Angie’s Favorites | Angie's showroom

This week, we would like to turn your attention to a brand-new collection that we at the lingerie showroom hold dear to our hearts: the Fiona collection. Dropped only a few short weeks ago, these exclusive, handmade lingerie sets are the first sets featured on our boutique designed by none other than our founder, Angie, herself.

The Fiona collection consists of three premium lingerie sets: the Fiona Chocolate Lingerie Set, the Fiona Lilac Lingerie Set, and the Fiona Purple Lingerie Set.

Each of these luxurious sets are crafted from the finest silk and French lace and feature an intricate floral pattern on the bra and panty. The Fiona collection is certainly unmatched! This sophisticated, custom-made lingerie ensemble allows you to radiate confidence while offering the perfect amount of elegant and sexy.

Check out what our happy customers are saying about these sets!

  • “Feels silky smooth on my skin. Fits perfectly. Great purchase!” (Lanae D., verified purchase of Fiona Purple Lingerie Set)

  • “This set is simple and refined…the detail is incredible, and the silk-lace combo is oh-so-comfy.” (Joey S., verified purchase of Fiona Chocolate Lingerie Set)

  • “Absolutely exquisite! This set is everything I have ever wanted out of lingerie – sexy, comfortable, and stylish. Cannot recommend it enough.” (Mary, verified purchase of Fiona Lilac Lingerie Set)

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