Angie’s Showroom Tips About Bridal Lingerie

Angie’s Showroom Tips About Bridal Lingerie

Thinking of Lingerie, one visualizes comfort, aura, outfit, sustainability, beauty, and occasion. It can be exhausting to select the appropriate lingerie that will match a context, especially a wedding. “Congratulations for saying yes”, it is time to start the journey of selecting the right look to celebrate D-day. Now that you have the makeup, the dress, and the perfect hairstyle, let us assess the primer that will be underneath these outfits- lingerie. That is the solution Angie’s Showroom is out to offer.

Have a List Of Different Ideas

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Build your confidence by starting with the morning lingerie that will give you the essential energy you need for the day.  Choosing lingerie does not equate fancy and flashy ideas; rather it is the aftermath, the feeling, and the comfort. Create a dress shopping appointment where you carry a list of the different ideas in mind. At Angie’s Showroom, we offer a collection that matches your ideas to help you narrow down to your best choice. The best part is you can confidently do this at the comfort of your home. Having options on the appointment day will allow you to weigh the lingerie against various fabrics. One important factor is that you will have to stick with specific lingerie once to have chosen the dress.

What To Consider When Choosing a Bridal Lingerie

What comes to the mind first is the size, color, style, costs, lining, and availability. However, one should consider the long day that awaits, thus choosing something that will provide comfort. Does the dress need a bra in the first place? Some gowns come structured to offer enough support and contour without the necessity of a bra.

The skin tone should match the lingerie choice. Then the style: make it seamless bra will go well with a light-padded fabric because it creates the smooth silhouette that hides “nipple surprises”.  If the choice is Basque, then the bride is looking for sturdy support. It will need strapless under the cloth with special attention not to appear through the thin fabric. Beige, tan, and cream go well with dresses that fit tightly or those with a thin fabric. Simplicity and class are essential when the dress is fitting to avoid other distractions. Having panty lines or bra silhouettes on such a day is the least attention that the bride requires. Go as seamless and as invisible as possible by experimenting with fun options with filler and thick dresses. The bride should test the Basque on a few occasions before the wedding day to ensure they are comfortable with the choice.

Get A Correct Size and Color

A correct size provides the optimal convenience that a bride needs for a long day. When the cup is small or the band is long, a bride may experience bulging and other discomforts. Always look for lingerie that fits perfectly because it affects the confidence on display the whole day. One can seek a fitting guide, which will empower them on discovering the right fit.

The color choices depend on the thickness and color of the wedding dress. Most of the classical bridal color choices have been white and ivory. However, a thin fabric may not be the right one with these colors because they will show through. Thick dress fabric provides a wider range of lingerie choices.

Undergarments Briefs

Briefs also become handy when a bride is considering the undergarments. When the dress is thick or voluminous, the bride can take whichever briefs they want. Dainty thongs, high waist, and patterned briefs will all go with thick fabrics. When the dress is tight, like a mermaid dress, or thin on fabric, smooth or seamless briefs will make a good match. It will reduce the likelihood of having visible lines.

Narrowing down to the evening after the wedding, there is still an impression to make. The evening lingerie should be in the line of elegance and invoking adventure. Silky and lacy lingerie is a delicate choice that complements the skin and pops the body into imagination. Accompany such lingerie with some delicate silky nightdress to complete the look.


Wedding dresses have come a long way and brides can find those with sewn cups. It saves the trouble of strapless bras or the discomfort of wandering straps. Ensure that the lingerie is available for testing as you make the final fittings of the wedding dress. Whether you choose a corset, waist slimmer, bustier, bodysuit, or any other outfit, simplicity and the dress choice should remain a priority.


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