Working from home? These bras are made for comfort.

Working from home? These bras are made for comfort.

What is more exciting than throwing away your bra to slip into some comfortable t-shirts?

The fact is that more and more women are going braless when working from home now, and we can almost understand why. We can almost understand -  almost - because you really need to get comfortable bras you can wear at home for your own good. Do you want to know why you are not comfortable working all day in your bra? They are not the right ones. The wrong bras will have wires poking into you, straps falling off your shoulders, bulging cups, and scratchy fabric. 

You need all the help you can get fighting gravity and keeping your breasts from sagging with the right bras. The support of the right bra means no back pain or aching breasts after a day packed with activity. 

For a workday of comfort, we highly recommend adding these types of bras to your shopping cart and buying them. Bras that have no wires or aren’t underwired, are made with suitable fabrics like cotton, silk, and mesh, have wide-padded straps and adjustable straps are must-haves.

Angie’s Showroom has luxury bras that are stylish, and just what you need for comfort. Because we love you and only want the most comfortable bras for you, we put together this collection of our favorite, exquisite, handcrafted, and most comfortable work-at-home bras. You haven’t experienced ultimate comfort until you wear one of these.

Our very favorite is the Daisy Yellow Silk and Lace Bra. It is everything a comfortable bra should be; adjustable, and no wires. With its combination of beautiful yellow lace, luxury French lace, and La Perla silk, you will enjoy comfort with style. This handmade bra also features a delicate silk band for great support.


And wait till you wear the Privilege Black Silk Bra which is fantastic to wear any time of the day. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. Its natural silk and wide-padded straps make it so comfortable that you’ll feel the burden of work reduced in it. Try these bras and write amazing reviews for us -  you will love them so much that it will be impossible to write anything less.

Our work-at-home women can’t get enough of the comfortable Bando Black Bra, perfect for all occasions. Its mesh material is so soft and comfortable that you can spend all day in it. You will love it as much as they do, we promise!

Our clients have fallen in love with the Leo Band Silk Pink Bra, and it's no surprise. It does not only give a comfortable and fresh feel of softness against your skin, but its fully adjustable straps also allow you to wear your bra however you want it. Ah, the comfort! It is both elegant and unique and provides solid support for you. 

Finally, we can’t wait for you to try the ultimate Playful White Bra. It is handcrafted using luxury mesh for your ultimate comfort. The comfort it provides is so relaxing and refreshing that your family may have to beg you to take it off - no kidding.

Our clients are buying these comfortable bras at a fast rate for good reason. Join them before it’s too late! Take advantage of our amazing Memorial day special promo and stock up on Angie’s comfortable, work-at-home, handmade lingerie at a 15% discount with the code, MEMDAY22, from now till May 31st before they run out.


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