ANGIE’S SUMMER LOOKBOOK | Angie's showroom

Summer 2021 is here, which means it is time to shop for bathing suits and sit by the pool (or the ocean…whatever floats your boat!) Here at Angie’s Showroom, we are completely OBSESSED with finding the perfect bikinis and one-pieces for you all to enjoy. A high-quality bathing suit is a statement piece and should be treated just like anything else in your closet. This is why we have put great care into designing and creating handmade, high-quality pieces for you to enjoy all summer long (and beyond). Wherever you go in your swimwear this summer, whatever you do, you will make beautiful memories, and we are excited to have our brand be a part of it.

So, look your BEST while having the BEST time of your life, by the pool, by the ocean, or even in your own backyard. Look ahead for our complete summer lookbook, filled with all the best swimwear you could ever imagine!

Here is our top favorite women’s swimwear finds for summer 2021!


Our Molly Swimsuit in Purple is almost too good to be true…and simply impossible to resist! It is a definite must have for this summer. This bikini top features a stunning tie in the back and cheeky bottoms that tie on both sides. Its adjustable nature allows it to beautiful fit every unique body and shape, so that everyone may enjoy it! Available for pre-order now.

Our Splash Swimsuit in Yellow is just as gorgeous and sure to be a hit. With nude, completely adjustable straps on the top and bottom pieces, this bikini is both sexy and flattering. This bikini comes in multiple colors, as well, including coral, and features a stunning triangle-style top. This purchase is a no-brainer! Hit, “Add to Cart” Available now for pre-order.

For those seeking a little more coverage, don’t worry…we’ve got you covered! Our stunning Ordinary 2.0 One-piece Swimsuit in Gold is the ultimate showstopper. This luxury suit was designed to make your summer both comfortable AND supportive and may be paired perfectly with your favorite skirt during your summer seaside vacations. The beautiful bow on the back really seals the deal for our team! Available for pre-order now.

If you are looking for a little more support in the top area, check out our beautiful Gretta Swimsuit. This handmade bikini is flattering and supportive for our bigger chested beauties and comes in a delectable white color. Available for pre-order only.


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