Three life hacks to choose your perfect lingerie!

Three life hacks to choose your perfect lingerie! | Angie's showroom

Every woman is looking for something sexy to slip into and feel beautiful. The right lingerie is the best way to feel special and happier.

But how would you find the perfect one and choose the best lingerie from thousands of different options? We have prepared three key tips for you to choose your perfect lingerie set!

Different types of lingerie

Firstly, you need to know all the options of lingerie which are available right now.

These are the most popular ones:

⁃ Bodysuit. The bodysuits are best combined with jackets, skirts or jeans. The lace bodysuit is very trendy and definitely for brave ones. Also, you can use a body for those who want to hide the inconvenience of underwear. The best example is our Casual Body in Black.

⁃ Bralette. These bras come without underwire. It looks best on those with larger busts. Fiona silk bralette would fit greatly on girls of all sizes. 

⁃ Corset. This type of underwear is ideal for the most sophisticated and gentle girls. The corset has a long history, with its roots in the 17th century. Our favorite is Mont Blanc corset.   

Your body type

The first and most important mistake when choosing lingerie is to get the size wrong. S and M do not count here - everything is much more complicated. To understand the exact size, you first need to measure the volume of the chest and hips. The results should be compared to the figures in special tables and to determine your size.

"Sexuality starts with comfort," says one Victoria's Secret bra expert.

Material and color

Our showroom offers a great variety of colors and materials that can be tailored to each girl's personal preferences. 

A good lingerie closet consists of sets for "special" occasions and "basic" everyday wear. And, if there are no restrictions in the choice of the first, then to the second - special attention. 

First, the "base" includes seamless lingerie.  Also, you need a transformer bra with "floating" straps and with push-up cups - for outfits with an open back. And do not forget about sports underwear sets. As for materials, it is important to choose lingerie made of natural fabrics - silk, cotton, and linen. Our handmade lingerie is made of the highest quality materials to please you with the beauty and pleasure of our products.

We know that sometimes choosing the perfect lingerie can take a lot of time and effort. That's why we hope that our tips will help you to avoid unnecessary stress and choose the right lingerie.

Check out our online showroom and pick a stunning set for yourself!


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