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If you look into a woman’s closet, you are likely to find a plethora of panties, bras, robes, and other lingerie apparel. Contrary to popular belief, lingerie is not just for a special, romantic occasion. Of course, there are plenty of premium lingerie sets for that. However, it is also for everyday wear and use. Regular underwear, bras, and bralettes are also considered to be lingerie.

For this reason, it may be difficult to find lingerie that looks and feels perfect, as if it was made especially for you. That’s one of the reasons we started Angie’s Showroom. One of our goals is to create unique, custom lingerie that is effortless to buy and wear––just as it should be!

Of course, not all exquisite lingerie is created equal. In other words, there are different styles for different needs. Read along to find out exactly what are customers think about our favorite styles and why they keep coming back for more!

Shayk Red Silk Lingerie Set

“I am completely in love with everything about this set! The color, the fit, the quality of the material, and even the fast shipping. The bowtie on the bottoms make them incredibly unique and unlike anything I own already. The low-cut top is equally unique and sexy. 10/10!” -Siobhan F.

Our Shayk Red Silk Lingerie Set comes with a matching bra and panty and is available in a gorgeous red. It is handcrafted in Europe from high-end silk and is entirely adjustable. Enjoy this beautiful set on a romantic night with someone special!

Vetiver Black Lingerie Set

“Very sexy and seductive, but also comfortable! The bottoms hug my curves perfectly, and the V-cut top looks beautiful on my body. I am so happy with this purchase! Thank God I found Angie’s Showroom on Instagram this year! I will definitely be back for more.” -Anelli D.

Vetiver is made to fit every unique body and is an exciting new arrival. Handcrafted with delicate European lace and modified to fit your desired sizes and dimensions, this set is guaranteed to exceed all of your expectations. Comes with a matching set of bra and panty.

Sicilia 2.0 Lingerie Set


“Wow...what can I say about this set? It is PERFECTION! The V-string thong is sexy and expertly designed. It fits perfectly to my body shape. Same with the top. I was so pleased with how accurate the sizing guide is! This is my first purchase from Angie's Showroom (probably not my last) and I could not be happier.” -Savannah D.

This set is available in exquisite red and is handcrafted from lace and La Perla silk from Europe. It is perfect for a sexy photo shoot or a romantic night. You can’t go wrong with our Sicilia 2.0!

No matter what you are looking for, whether you have shopped with us before or not, we certainly have something to fit your needs. Come and check out our online showroom and find out why our clients LOVE us!


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