Angie’s Shopping Guide: What to Order

Angie’s Shopping Guide: What to Order | Angie's showroom

At Angie’s Showroom, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the absolute best shopping experience, so much so that we guarantee the highest quality service for our customers! Our team understands that every woman is unique, and that includes the size and shape of her beautiful body. For this reason, we provide our customers with the exclusive ability to custom-order their high-quality lingerie.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “What should I order?”

The answer is simple! We recommend checking out some of our NEWEST arrivals.

First up, we have our Shayk Red Silk Lingerie Set. This sexy ensemble is available in red and includes a matching set of bra and thong. Both pieces are adjustable, and the bottoms feature beautiful bows on either side. The bra is low cut, as well, making it just as desirable. Our team recommends this gorgeous set for a romantic night with someone special.

Second, we have the Vetiver Black Lingerie Set. This bra and panty are handcrafted from delicate European lace and may be adjusted to your unique, beautiful shape. Our team recommends this ensemble for first-time lingerie buyers because of its classic form. Enjoy gorgeous lace in the front and perfect mesh in the back with a stunning deep-V cut on the front of the bra.

Our third recommendation is our Sicilia 2.0 Lingerie Set. This showstopper is made from exquisite La Perla silk and lace from Europe and handcrafted to your absolute desire. Just let us know what size top and bottom you wish and we will have it made special for you and delivered promptly to your doorstep. Both the bottom and top are adjustable in order to mold to your beautiful shape and to ensure that you find EXACTLY what you are looking for.

Our final recommendation for you is our Señorita 2.0 Lingerie Set. This matching bra and thong can be paired with a Señorita Garter Belt (may be purchased separately through our boutique) and comes in a stunning pink color. This set will surely look incredible against ANY skin tone and is fully adjustable, like so many of our designs.

We know shopping for lingerie can be stressful, so we hope this shopping guide can take some of the stress off of your shoulders! When you are ready to make your purchase, do not hesitate to reach out to our team so that we may assist you to the best of our ability. We look forward to hearing from you!


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